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Year: 2022

1 set of 1st SUSTAINABLE MAHJONG in the world
1 set of customisable Mahjong table
1 set of 4 (theatrical) Mahjong chairs

EDIT MAHJONG set is made out of 28% of excess and off-cut fabrics from @edit_thebrand , designed by @_editecture_ , is 100% biodegradable.

The fashion industry is one of the top 5 polluting industries.
In Hong Kong alone, an average of 110,000 tonnes of disposed garments are collected annually, which equals to 1,400 T shirts per minute. Edit the brand, our fashion business has successfully gained global traction. However it comes at a cost of rounds of sampling, over purchasing and defectives resulting in tonnes of excess and off cut fabrics. This project in creating MAHJONG sets that are made out of upcycled fabrics is part of our research and development in seeking sustainable ways of recycling used clothing as well as upcycling fabrics that would have otherwise gone to landfill.
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