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Like editors of our own lives, we write our own stories and adventures, in hopes of making our dreams come true. 

​We believe that we are all editors of our own lives. Writing out our own story in each new chapter, deleting/refusing things or design we do not like; like using a thesaurus, we replace ‘not-very-great-decisions’ with better ones; and like using a dictionary, we learn new lessons in life.

At EDITECTURE, we combine EDIT + ARCHITECTURE in creating a happy design and joyful spatial experience. We edit and transform the usual space in order to push unusual boundaries. We build our details with a personal touch and hint through looking into the unique value, texture and layers of materials.  We care about design as well as our built society. 


Founding partner of EDIT, EDITECTURE and edit academy.

Jacqueline offers clients a full dimension of design division, emphasizing providing clients with a holistic design scope from conceptual ideas to the final details; with full attention to detail incorporating clients' personalities and preferences in each project.


Founding partner of EDIT, EDITECTURE and edit academy.

Through fashion and style, intertwining with the design discipline at EDITECTURE, G wishes to present a new methodical comprehensive design concept of design and lifestyle, building an edit of established and emerging designer brands.

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