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Nha Trang | Citygate
Client: Nha Trang | Citygate
Location: Tung Chung, Hong Kong
Project Type: Restaurant
Year: 2016

A walk into the Nha Trang restaurant in Tung Chung jogs the minds of customers, reminding them of an authentic Brick Home in Vietnam. It offers customers a dining experience whereby they subconsciously flee the bustling city-life into a relaxing space physically and mentally.

The project concept of Nha Trang is inspired by an authentic Vietnamese brick home which the idea was to create a large communal area at the heart of the home connecting ancillary programs. In this project, customers are gathered within the space to enjoy a unique and authentic dining experience. Big shutters, known as jalousie windows, being inspired by traditional Vietnamese houses are designed as ceiling feature lighting to provide the sense of authentic vietnamese experience.

Vertical timber louvre corresponding with the turquoise green timber frames and the earthy natural red brickworks, forming a sense of layering of materials and texture within the space. The use of natural solid timber material provides a cosy experience within the Vietnamese brick home. Beams of light and shadow shedding in.

Taking reference to the configuration of termitarium, earthy natural red bricks are used throughout the space. Facade logo wall, column and the facade window partition are tiled in a specific pattern, breaking the conventional way of horizontal brick tiling. The facade is designed with a series of huge movable metal shutter window, reminiscing the Vietnamese termitary dwelling.
Nha Trang Citygate Colour Swatch-05.png
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