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Hysan Place 6/F
Client: Hysan Place 6/F
Location: Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Project Type: Retail
Year: 2021


To emphasize the uniqueness of feature washrooms, the concept for 6/F female washroom is to be chic and stylish  

  • incorporating more streamline curves and organic forms along the path ways 

  • A welcoming entrance pathway guides you into the heart of the basin counter 

  • Bamboo shaped tiles were designed to enhance colour tone of the space. It is applied from ceiling to floor embracing the countertop and featured mirror.  

  • Custom made countertop basin were crafted with three-dimensional organic form to celebrate the fluidity of the space 

  • Corresponding to the other featured floors, we have designed a special dress for this signage to reinforce the stylish and fashionable concept and welcoming to users 


  • The mirror is designed with round face lighting for highlighting purpose and sufficient brightness for ladies’ making up or touching up.   ​



Overall, the whole project of revamping the whole series of Hysan Place washrooms is to create a refreshing and surprising new image to the audience. With small details from the signage, we designed the signs to be unconventional and interactive to the users, creating a friendly, pleasant and joyful experience, which you will carry that smile away with you.  

HYSAN 6F.png
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