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Hysan Place 2/F
Client: Hysan Place 2/F
Location: Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Project Type: Retail
Year: 2021

The 2F washroom, is adjacent to the famous Apple store. The cleanliness and thoughtfulness of the design are also reflected through details of the space, such as the water faucets and rubbish disposals. Geometry plays a crucial role in this washroom. Each sink is angled differently to create personal space for visitors. This subsequently forms a unique shaped countertop as opposed to the ones in your typical washroom.  
A tranquill pitstop within the hectic jungle - to refresh the shoppers into this organic moment of peace. 

In the men’s washroom, the challenge was creating privacy at the urinals. The wave design not only solves this problem and serves practically as an organic divider between users, its shape and use of various shades of blues and gold accents also vaguely resembles a beach scenery. 




Overall, the whole project of revamping the whole series of Hysan Place washrooms is to create a refreshing and surprising new image to the audience. With small details from the signage, we designed the signs to be unconventional and interactive to the users, creating a friendly, pleasant and joyful experience, which you will carry that smile away with you.  

Chow Sang Sang Colour Swatch-05.png
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