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M+ Museum Shop
Client: M+ Museum Shop
Location: West Kowloon, Hong Kong 
Project Type: Retail 
Year: 2019

Our greatest pleasure and honour to have the opportunity to contribute and be a part of the M+ creative community.
Greatest gratitude to @mplusmuseum and the team for all of the coordination and guidance throughout the fun process of learning and communication. It has been such an enjoyable journey.

Our design concept approach for the M+ Main Shop Visual Merchandising.

As a collective hub of creativity and visual culture, we aim to create welcoming yet bold vibes with vibrant hues and colour palette and a twist on geometric patterns, taking elements from
the M+ logo and brand. Without intruding upon the original design of the store, design cohesiveness of materiality and colour will take each visitor on
a fluid journey within and around the store.

Intertwining the Culture / Texture and flavour of Hong Kong, “interpreting” it to a new form of contemporary language fitting it onto the modern concept of the Museum and the SHOP.

Researching and highlighting the iconic speciality of the different district of Hong Kong. Creating and re-editing the wastage from the community forming the true essence and composition of M+.
M+ Shop.png
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