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Hysan Place B2/F
Client: Hysan Place B2/F
Location: Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Project Type: Retail
Year: 2021


For the female washroom, the chosen colour palette is generally warmed toned, with a refreshing pop of sage in the stack tiles and golden accents to add a touch of elegance. The B2 washroom design began when exploring the relationship between shoppers and the adjacent supermarket. This space provides a gasp of air before heading back out to the hecticness that we are all too familiar with. So, the aim is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere and make visitors feel right at home from the moment they enter. 

The trio of cylindrical basins paired with the mirror cabinets allow visitors a private area to clean, without the pressure of having to rub elbows with strangers. And on the contrary, the island sinks act almost like a communal sharing space, where you and your friends may bond over while freshening up, or even take a few selfies as keepsakes. 

Attention has been made and designed for all male toilets which may have been neglected. For the male washroom, the design concept is relatively similar, with an alternate cool toned palette. Blue and green hues are extended above eye level on vertical stack tiles, accentuating the height of the space. We have also redesigned and redefined the water droplet basin counter to collect excess water, maintaining the level of hygiene that we have been adapting to in recent times. Along with the well thought out lighting placement and reflections on large mirrors, a space that is usually less favoured by most, transforms into somewhat of an escape for visitors to recharge. 


Overall, the whole project of revamping the whole series of Hysan Place washrooms is to create a refreshing and surprising new image to the audience. With small details from the signage, we designed the signs to be unconventional and interactive to the users, creating a friendly, pleasant and joyful experience, which you will carry that smile away with you.  

Chow Sang Sang Colour Swatch-05.png
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