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Edit Academy
Client: Edit Academy
Year: 2020

EDIT ACADEMY is the cumulation of our journey over the last decade. Through experiences gathered, lessons learnt, awards humbly received and interactions with society, we are proud to launch EDIT Academy - a platform for children to learn to express their creativity through our curriculum that allows them to explore the world through their unique perspectives.After all, “EDIT” was born out of a concept of each individual is their own “life editor” - writing our own story in each new chapter, deleting/refusing things we do not like; like using a thesaurus, we replace ‘not-very-great-decisions with better ones; and like using a dictionary, we learn new lessons in life.A portion of profits will be used for initiatives that will help build/ improve the lives of the underprivileged. Therefore, while we nourish our children to be active learners, we will also enrich them with the knowledge and understanding of giving back to the community. 
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