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Island Gardenia
Client: Island Gardenia
Location: Hong Kong
Project Type: Sustainability
Year: 2021


“Globally, more than a MILLION plastic bottles are sold every single minute.” National Geographic.

“Hong Kong throws away 5.2 million bottles every single day.” SCMP

Combining traditional naval architecture and contemporary material methodology, Editecture presents a City Oasis in the middle of the sea for those seeking harmony and peace. Island Gardenia is an interactive space blossomed from the awareness towards recycling and plastic pollution. It is an up-cycling concept that engages viewers in creative dialogue in beneficial contributions to the environment around them. 
The floating city garden can fit up to 4 (to5) people and at the center, a flourishing lemon tree blooms fruitful produce, signifying the promising practice when giving plastics a second life and to purifying the air in our polluted environment. The Sea Garden composed by colourful upcycled Gardenia, creating a beautiful piece of colourful seascape at the heart of Victoria harbour in Hong Kong. Not only does this garden utilizes salvaged beverage containers to keep buoyant while illustrating the strength of a bottle, it is also constructed out of tiles repurposed from locally recycled bottles that have been processed and compressed together, using the lowest carbon footprint. We hope to work together with the community and our city to raise awareness about the concern of usage of plastic bottles and to make our small step forward for a better and more sustainable city, to help take care of our planet. 

Let’s Bottle in the plastic!

island gardenia.png
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