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Chuen Hup
Year: 2022

Inspired by the Curio box from Qing Dynasty and @jaqchak ‘s childhood memories from the Palace museum with her parents to see the One and Only Curio box 《 多寶閣 》- “Qing emperors took great interest in curio box, not only because of the valuable curios, but also the ingenious design of the box. After accurately calculating the cubage, craftsmen make full use of the inner space of the box and block it into different bays to fit every curio. No one can imagine the rich content of a curio box from its outward appearance alone.”

For 2022 Chinese New Year, we have created the new adaptation of a contemporary Curio box as the Tray of Togetherness to pay tribute to the splendid piece of treasure box, celebrating the happiness and togetherness that this “candy box” and CNY, bringing families together.
The Original Jade top lid cover has been redefined using < Upcycled material > from food wastage and residues of tangerine peels from @yiufungstorehk.

Definitely an unique piece of new interpretation with modern methodology; together with tribute to traditions and culture.
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