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Green Common | Tai Koo Li
Client: Green Common | Tai Koo Li
Location: Tai Koo Li, Beijing
Project Type: Hospitality
Year: 2017

Green Common is a pioneer brand introducing “the future of protein” to Hong Kong, leading Hong Kong to a more sustainable, innovative, responsible and wholesome one-stop concept. We have incorporated this innovative concept into our design and material use. From laboratorial white gridded tiles bar counter to linear movement “Grab-and-go” wood pattern, we have incorporated a notion of the experiential use of material creating a “New” and “Fresh” concept for the brand. In order to fully utilize the unique spatial characteristic of the site, different zones of spaces are created including the “ Gallery space “ to highlight the thoughtful and mindful messages and quotes from the client.
Green Common Tsim Sha Tsui Colour Swatch
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